Fiber optic service vs. DSL who would win?

feature--1Fiber Optic Services (FOS) is the leading supplier of techno-commercial services in the field of equipment, educational kits, Photonics and Telecommunication simulation tools and Fiber Optic Components. It offers many advantages over ordinary copper cable lines. It has the capacity to transmit information much faster over greater distances and because the cable weighs is less and has a smaller diameter. While the DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology for bringing high-bandwidth data to small businesses and homes over standard copper telephone lines. Read More→

How to Choose the best internet service provider

feature--2Choosing a best internet provider would require some testing within a day, research and some surveys of internet users within the area. It has been proven that Internet Service Providers varies from places to places due to it’s usage capacity. Here are some helpful tips to be able to choose the best internet service provider that will suit your needs. Read More→

What are the different Internet Service Providers

feature--3Comcast, AT & T, Time Warner, Century Link and Charter. And more and more on the lists. Those are the well known internet providers here in U.S but here, we will discuss some reviews in terms of their usage and ability to provide better service. Read More→