The new Knight in the block : 4k Technology

4K technology, the very word that makes the hearts of tech aficionados flutter and skip a beat, is here and is going to stay. The buzz that it has generated in recent times is unparalleled and it is irrefutably touted as the next big thing in the display technology. It is rapidly changing the rules of perfect resolutions and scaling up the industrial benchmarks of image clarity. But what exactly is 4K and why is there such a hype about it?

For starters , it is set to change the way we view everything on screens ranging from gigantic LED panels to miniature smart phones . 4K , on technological terms means a screen resolution 4 times higher than the prevalent 1080p full HD screen and hence the name UHD or ultra High Definition.


Thus 4K to HD is what HD was to SD(standard definition). For the non-tech savvy , this means a far more detailed and crisp picture quality with brilliant hue and colour saturation.For photographers , it means viewing the minutest details of their images that went unnoticed with full HD panels and for the regular viewers it translates to staggering levels of details that provide a truly enriching viewing experience.It also comes as a boon for the existing passive 3D technology used in rendering 3D imagery.

While the 3D content on full HD panels look fuzzy , on 4k they look absolutely amazing and sharp. Also the high pixel density means that you can view a much larger screen from reduced viewing distances without noticing the grid like aberrations that make themselves visible on a full HD display at close distances. In a nutshell , it takes our virtual world inches closer to reality.


However , 4K content requires far more space and bandwidth; a technical hurdle that we are still to overcome.There are not many 4K videos or discs available to watch today , but hundreds of videos are getting remastered to fit into this new technological bandwagon. Days of seamlessly streaming 4K content on Netflix and Youtube are not very far.

As a word of caveat, the technology is still in its nascent stage and laying hands on a 4K powered device could well burn a hole in your pockets. Furthermore our existing DTH boxes and not compatible with 4K. Nevertheless, as the technology settles , the whole digital medium will get a new lease of life under this pervasive technology that is taking massive strides into the future, and affording a 4K device would not cost you the family silver.

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